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What does hand tufted mean? 
Handtufted rugs are made using a hand held gun that shoots wool into a canvas stretched on a frame to create the design and/or textures.The pattern is filled in with the different wool colours and once the rug is fully piled it is removed from the frame for completion. 

What does handknotted mean? 
This production method involves each tuft of the rug being knotted by hand to the cotton warp of the rug. Hand knotted rugs are the most time taking methodof manufacture and therefore the most expensive. They are normally producedfrom wool, silk and have a cotton warp and weft. What does hand loomed mean? This method of making hand-made rugs relies on the use of a large loom that is powered by the hands and feet of the operator. The method involves a manuallyoperated loom and consists of a device that allows the insertion and extractionof rods that locate rows of knots and also determines the height and cut of thepile. This system allows only a limited type of pattern, such as simple striped designs, but is also an efficient way of production offering distinct costadvantages

What does machine made mean?

If your rug is not made by one of the above methods thenit will be machine made and probably made from a man made fibre such as polypropylene. Machine made rugs are usually cheaper than other types of rugs,but still offer good value for money, are usually water resistant, moth proofand colour fast. This makes machine made rugs perfect for today’s modern living

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